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This monography will be focused on the steps, difficulties and challenges faced, to organize support centres and avoid the stigma that comes from a psychiatric approach to it.

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We want to motivate you to come and participate in our: III Global Transpersonal Symposium January 27 2018 • Boca del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico Place: Mocambo Hotel Boca del Rio. A brilliant musical with five actors who participate in this alchemy!

They will learn how the method of souldrama and psychodrama can align egos and souls through a transpersonal process.

How to work with our higher power and put spirituality into action: You will be taught specific techniques, such as psychodrama, sociometry and action methods in group psychology for use with individuals, groups and families based on your needs and practice.

Last month, the transpersonal community met in Prague, and more than 1000 participants attended from all over the world. The highlight will be “A Mysterious Game of Transformation” within a “Healing Field” created collectively by the participants and the teachers of the Institute.3-year training course in South Korea and Germany Trainers: Dr Ingo Jahrsetz und Judith Miller, Ph D – Assistant: Wolfgang Schilling Start Date: June, 2018 Structure: 12 modules of 10 days each with two modules per year – one in winter and one in summer Venues: Black Forest/Germany and Ahnsung/South Korea Costs: 9000 EUR plus room & board Languages: Korean English Organization: Myoung Kwon Kim Information: Miller and Ingo Jahrsetz offer this training for a closed group of 15 to 20 South Koreans and about 10 participants from Western countries.

One of the many gifts this event gave was the opportunity to meet new people and create new connections around the same field of interest. This training targets experienced psychotherapists, professionals working in the social field and experienced people who want to engage intensely with this method.

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