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Today we call this the Dawes Rolls, although it encompasses the original Five Civilized Tribes of the South East (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole). 370), although an additional 312 persons were enrolled under an act approved 1. The Cherokees fought this until 1899 when it was decided to bring it to a vote of the Cherokees and it passed by about 2015 votes.

This article is specifically about the Cherokee Roll. The vote included hundreds of intermarried whites among the Cherokee that were later found to be ineligible for a share of the Land Allotment.

The example I used was my Grandmas first Husband who passed away in the 1930′s. But he had called himself Bird Hare and even earlier he was Nelson Hare.

I looked and looked in vain for a Bob Hair and never knowing his parent’s names I came to a dead-end.

Cherokees in the 1880′s and earlier did not use surnames such as the Europeans and Americans.The next step was to “set up shop” so to speak in each Courthouse in each district.The Committee at each of these courthouses would consist of several members of the Commission, a stenographer, and a hired local Cherokee as interpreter.Over 250,000 people physically showed up in one of these courthouses and filled out an application to be included in this Land Allotment.That is double the number of members of each one of The Five Civilized Tribes and records indicated that people came from all walks of life and from just about every territory including as far away as the Hawaiian Islands.

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