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If you present your certificate more than 90 days after course completion, your insurer could issue the premium discount effective from the date presented.After successfully completing the online defensive driving course you will be mailed your original certificate of completion.He followed us anyway and once we reached our destination they had to threaten to call police and eventually when we left (he was waiting) escort us to a taxi while PHYSICALLY holding this man back.The NE of the medina is the coolest tannery called Chouara Tannery. Again, we encountered people trying to scam us here. If you go down the steps where they invite you as if it’s the entrance, they want money. For sightseeing this is probably the #1 thing to do but non-Muslims cannot enter.We will be offering a service for you to pull your driving record at a nominal fee.However, if you need to verify the defensive driving course completion is on your record, you may request a copy of your driving record from the DMV.I went to which was a boutique property and definitely a “glamping” experience. They picked us up from our hotel and dropped us back. Her blog is one of the top 50 travel blogs in the world based on traffic. Personally, I didn’t make it here as I had just under two weeks (12 days) but if you have the extra time you can do 1 or 2 days here as they even offer day trips from Marrakesh. It’s called the Miami of Morocco because of it’s Art Deco.

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If camels and deserts are what you are looking forward to, you could definitely consider going to the Sahara and not Essaouria. Hippie in Heels has been featured in ELLE magazine, Tripadvisor, and Thomas Cook.Make sure you read up my other articles about how to dress in Morocco and what to buy while you’re here. It’s completely unforgettable AND it’s my favorite place in Morocco. From here on out, you’ll then just be working your way down to the ending point in Marrakesh to fly out. You can read The medina in Fes is the largest and oldest in the world, dating to the 800’s. People here are more agressive than what we found elsewhere.This is the blue town you’ve seen all over Pinterest. You’ll be tired from the flight, so it’s good to just get it over with! Do not let someone “show you the way” unless you want to pay them. We told someone no, we would find our way as we are from India and knew this style of hustling.Its not like India at all where negotiating happens with a smile. Try out Dar Roumana for dinner but you have to make a reservation. That’s not to say there were no cars in Fez, but they were in the Ville Nouvelle, the new town that sits above the ancient city, and those people had made it a point of honour not to walk out of the gates to see the newfangled contraptions. It’s VERY comfortable and totally safe in my opinion. Whatever you book, arrange that the transport is in the price- it should be anyway. My boyfriend used to live in the South which is were all the surfing happens. Like I said above, with 10 days you might not go all the way to the Sahara but you can still have desert experiences.Such determination has shaped Fez, making it one of the last bastions of the medieval world.” CN Traveler Getting to Marrakesh: take the train from Fes. Trains here were built by the French and are notoriously on time and clean. Because of that, I recommend going somewhere closer to Marrkesh, not the Sahara, but still so that you can have the experience without getting worn out. It’s a big drive and if you go down here you’ll want to stay awhile. Rachel Jones left a career in nursing to live on the beaches of Goa, India almost four years ago where she is now a travel writer.

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