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Adorned with bananas, wild dances, and lascivious poses, she played the part of the exotic woman.

- In 1937, the star married a Frenchman and became a dual citizen.

Bernard Church (in the heart of Goutte d'Or) for two months.

- A comparison can be made with Rafael Padilla, "Chocolate, the Negro Clown," who met with a fate more tragic than that of Josephine Baker, and who was the first black artist in the French scene.

- The word Negritude was created by Aimé Césaire, toward 1936.

It was used in one of Léopold Sédar Senghor's first poems, "The Portrait." - Césaire defined it thus: "Negritude is the simple acknowledgement of the fact of being black, and the acceptance of this fact, of our destiny of being black, of our history, and of our culture." - They were inspired by the struggle of the African-Americans. Du Bois, Langston Hughes, and Claude Mc Kay, whom they considered to be the true inventors of Negritude.

- She who was called the "Black Venus" professed a deep love for Paris, in part because it didn't have segregation laws, unlike her home country.

- Even if she conquered the French capital with her talent and her extroversion, it was mainly through racist clichés she unwillingly spread.

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