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Freeze' gave us sort of a run-of-the-mill Victor Fries origin story.

Basically, it was this week's cop case and will probably wind up being a two-parter. More interesting here was the first live-action appearance of Hugo Strange and his role as - possibly - the architect behind most everything sinister in Gotham dating back to the series premiere." The A. Club's Kyle Fowle gave the episode a "B" grade and wrote, "Gotham sticks with the fairly typical Mr.

Butch (Drew Powell) has now become the boss of organized crime in Gotham and receives a visit from Tabitha (Jessica Lucas), who suggests they work together, which culminates in a kiss, watched by Selina (Camren Bicondova).In Arkham, Cobblepot is taunted by the prisoners after claiming he's the "King of Gotham". Wong), who details his plans to send Cobblepot through many "treatment" programs in Arkham.He's then sent to therapy with head psychiatrist Dr. As he returns to his cell, Cobblepot discovers Strange's patient, Nigel (John Pirkis) has plucked out his own eyes after Strange's suggestive words: "See no evil, do no evil".The GCPD finds Nora Fries' prescription bottle in the pharmacy and they bust into the Fries house.By that time, Victor has escaped and Nora had found his basement laboratory, shocked by the experiments her husband had been performing.

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