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The kicker is WITH THE CHOKE STILL IN PLACE the carburetor will not move enough forward to come off the RH manifold stud and it will not rotate enough by being stopped by the upper housing mount boss.

The choke lever is located slightly off center in front on the lower cowling.

Be sure to save the 1/2" long coil spring under the lever and remember where it goes.

Now the tricky part will be for you to observe the location of the flat Y shaped and wire choke tension spring.

These motors started in 1975 with S/N 4108120 thru 1985 with S/N 6608536 at the start of that final year.Not shown is a coil spring that goes between the lever and the cowling to hold things in place.To separate this choke linkage, you need to use a medium screwdriver held between the carburetor front and the inner plastic choke lever.Now push the outer choke lever INWARD (under spring tension) as far as it will go, about 3/16" then rotate it to the left 90 degrees.Now pull the lever forward which disengages it from the inner lever.

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