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ETHNONYMS: Yupik (self-designation); depending on the territory inhabited: Nevuga Yupiga, Singhinem Yupiga, Sivugam Yupiga, Ungazim Yupiga; Russian adaptations include Chaplintsy (Unazitsky), Naukantsy, and Sireniktsy.

ETHNONYMS: Maarulal (self-designation meaning "mountain language"); exoethnonyms: Avar, Haibulu, Khundzi Yarussa.

Sure, they don't look like you and me, but they keep up all Jewish customs." "Even circumcision?

"It'll only get hotter." "How much longer, Leibowitz?

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Damages to items must be reported prior to wearing the garment.

Women aren’t happy precisely because they tried to fit themselves neatly into the male template of what constitutes happiness.

And, voila — please do sound the gongs — men and women are different.

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