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Then one day spawning season hits and our fish are at each others throats, or at least chasing each others tails.The pond is full of fast, aggressive and frantic activity. Because its spawning time for koi and goldfish and the customer will soon have fish babies! One of those “seasons” in our ponds, is spawning season; which typically occurs during May through June. Most pond owners are pretty tuned into the changes in conditions and “seasons” that every year brings us and our ponds.Mike is an award winning pond, water garden, and water feature builder.

But koi are koi, and they are going to spawn how they see fit, and there is nothing we can do to change it, even though all the males gang up and beat up the females pretty badly.

After they have calmed down give a good rinse to filter pads they will be pretty nasty.

Just a few weeks you will likely start seeing darting little koi and goldfish fry around the edges of your pond; swimming in and out of the rockwork and plants where they will grow out until they are real deal baby fish.

If any smell lingers then carbon will due the trick to remove foul odors.

Some fun stuff to do during the spawn is to get some photos (yes, I realize how that sounds) or video (I know how that sounds too).

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