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You know, like James Bond, but with carpal tunnel and ink poisoning.Pope's interest in dystopian themes originally led him to create The Republia Times, a flash-based propaganda simulator where you play as Editor-In-Chief of a slanted newspaper.The 12 possible shapes proved a bit unwieldy, so they were cut to seven and sent cascading down the screen.

After a few rounds of slogging through the gaijin line, he took an interest in the gatekeepers and their cryptic workflow.Eventually, fans would take it upon themselves to translate it into English, and from there, the rest is history.Amaya later partnered up with publisher/developer Nicalis to create an enhanced edition for Wii Ware and PC (which cost actual money), and even took the helm on a project to rebuild the game in 3D with an actual development team.The shuffling papers and computer screen cross-checks seemed like an intensive process - something that might make for a fun (though highly stressful) game.The new angle was appealing: instead of dodging the authorities as a double agent, why not be the one to expose him?

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