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The United States Census Bureau shows a population increase of 0.75% for the twelve-month period ending in July 2012.

Though high by industrialized country standards, this is below the world average annual rate of 1.1%.

There were about 125.9 million adult women in the United States in 2014. At age 85 and older, there were almost twice as many women as men (4 million vs. People under 21 years of age made up over a quarter of the U. population (27.1%), and people age 65 and over made up one-seventh (14.5%).

The United States Census Bureau defines white people as those "having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa." It includes people who reported "White" or wrote in entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Near Easterner, Arab, or Polish." Whites constitute the majority of the U. population, with a total of about 245,532,000 or 77.7% of the population as of 2013.

The Census Bureaus uses five racial classifications that are defined as indicated below.

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In an official census report, it was reported that 54.4% (2,150,926 out of 3,953,593) of births in 2010 were non-Hispanic white.

This represents an increase of 0.3% compared to the previous year, which was 54.1%. states by population density for maps and complete statistics.

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