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For a list of the arguments that are available for the default configuration script, see Default configuration script.Specifies the version of Windows Management Framework (WMF) that should be installed on your VM.Public properties aren't encrypted in the settings text file.Properties listed under protected Settings are encrypted with a certificate and are not shown in plain text in the settings file on the VM.

If the URL provided requires an SAS token for access, set the protected Settings.configuration Data Url Sas Token property to the value of your SAS token. The only possible values for this property are Enable, Disable, '', or $null.A key feature of DSC v1.2 is its ability to provide native compression of the YCb Cr 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 video formats commonly used in digital TVs.Developed as an industry-wide compression standard for video interfaces that features low latency and visually lossless performance, DSC is currently integrated into standards used for embedded display interfaces within mobile systems.The value should be secured as a protected setting. Specifies the URL of the Automation endpoint where the node attempts to register.This value can be automatically discovered by using the reference method against the Automation account.

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