Updating signature files

Show Management does not need a merchant account nor does Show Management pay the ~3% processing fees charged by the credit card company. Entrants: There are two options for entering a show with Equestrian Entries:          1) It costs nothing to create entry online, print it out, attach a check and snail mail it to the show.

         2) If you want to submit and pay online by credit card (and get miles/points), there is a 5% online submission fee.

We suggest that if you need to get your entry in before they update, go ahead and submit and pay.

Then just bring your cards with you to the show when you check in.

You can upload your Signature Page, Coggins, and other entry docs like test scores by clicking on the "Signatures/Coggins" Tab and click on "Upload Entry Document" and follow the instructions.

If you try to enter a show and there are no people or horses in the pull down menus for rider/horse/owner/trainer then you need to go back to your "Home" page (upper left) and then click on each tab to get to the "register a new rider" (or horse or owner etc) button.

Show Management: It costs nothing for Show Management to use Equestrian Entries to process entries.

This includes entries submitted and paid for by credit card.

That way the show office will know to refund you those fees in full.

Once the systems update, your entry will automatically update with your new cards.

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