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If you knew anything about yumchat, you'd know it was pure hell with the obnoxious sorts of approaches you'd get from people pretending to be nice only to turn around and try guilting the fuck out of you.

At the very least, the chat mods on Eka's and the site's management all-around is handled with far better care and less bullshit-tolerance.

It's more like a conversation, whereas when you're writing a story yourself, it's one mind trying to emulate more than one.

I'd think it's kind of like how group writers for shows and whatnot work.

Kind of like paintball, or videogames, there's a sort of feedback response that writing a story on your own doesn't really provide.

If you aren't offering "x" or have some strings attached, I'm blocking you and that will be the end of it."You shouldn't have any trouble.The thing is that jackass rp'ers will have limited profile interpretation that gives you an honest idea of who they are or what they are looking for in a scene, so they'll bullshit you in private where the public chat won't warn you or see their dickery.More experienced players won't expose themselves to be a gigantic fucking retard.5636Archive: thread hit the bump limit. None of these are exactly realistic but neither is this fetish most of the time and it works so idgaf. Download and open the file with any modern browser and you're good to go. I know there's a few involving Lickitung, Politoed, other frogs, or a pakkun out there, probably on FA or Eka's.Feel free to delete it, if having two /furry/ vore threads bother the rest of the board.6403I fucked up on the K8 pic, an anon pointed out the thumb was on the wrong side. If I wasn't so lazy I'd at least do a rough sketch of this. Feral/Anthro vore with digestion, absorption, cock vore, cum digestion, and an alternate ending chapter. a test thing, I also have put the entire arch through the program Twine. If I remember right da~blueguy on FA has a comic with it on FA.

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